[Top 5] Best Face Massager Machine in India | 2020

In this article, we drill down the Best Face Massager Machine in India with free buying Guide, with the help of this article you can easily select the best facial massager.

Face Massager are best for improving your blood circulation, opening your pores, and relaxing your skin which makes your skin healthy and smooth. For getting beautiful skin it is crucial to have a face massager.

Nowadays due to the effects of pollution on the street, our face becomes dull and gloomy and that starts to affect our overall mood and confidence, so by using a face Massager you can remove those dull and dead skin cells from your face and look good after it.

Studies have shown that by regular use of face massager you can even achieve lighter skin colour which can boost your mood and you will feel happy and energetic for the rest of the day.

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[Top 5] Best Face Massager Review

Face MassagerSizeReviewsBuy On Amazon
1. Wazdorf 5 in 1 Face Facial Massage - Top Rated13x4.5cm5/5View On Amazon
2.Wazdorf 6 in 1 Face Facial Massage - Budget Friendly23x 6.0cm5/5View On Amazon
3. Taqila Facial Kit Multifunctional Machine - Editor Choice13x4.5cm4.9/5View On Amazon
4. GEZRIL 5 in 1 Face Facial Exfoliator - Electric Massage Machine13x4.5cm4.5/5View On Amazon
5. TwinZone Facial Scrubs - Multifunctional Beauty Care 13x4.5cm4.6/5View On Amazon

Benefits Of Face Massager

  • Promotes anti-ageing and wrinkle-free skin.
  • It reduces acne and scars.
  • Makes your skin healthy.
  • Makes you fare in some cases.
  • Relaxes your skin tissues.
  • Removes toxins from your skin.

Best Face Massager Machine in India

1. Wazdorf 5 in 1 Face Facial Massage Machine Care – Best Seller



Material UsedPlastic
FeatureCrude polish accessory
Weight299 Grams
Batteries2 X AA batteries


  • Comes with 5 attachments
  • best Multipurpose massager
  • Easy to Use & Works Smooth
  • Gentle to the skin
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Not seen

Verdict – Highly recommend ; This Wazdorf 5 in 1 Face Facial Massage Machine Care facial massager machine.This is the Top Rated & the Best Face Massager Machine in India.

2. Wazdorf 6 in 1 Face Facial Massage Machine Care – Budget Friendly

Wazdorf 6 in 1 Face Facial Massage Machine Care



Material UsedPlastic
FeatureDeep Cleaning
Weight299 Grams
Batteries2 X AA batteries


  • Light Weight , Easy to Handle
  • Small Size makes easy to carry
  • 6 in 1 Face Facial Massager Functionality


  • Not seen

Verdict – Highly recommend ; This is the best budget Face Massager Machine , if you want good quality in Low budget then go with this.

3. Taqila Facial Kit Multifunctional Beauty Care – Editor Choice




Material UsedPlastic
FeatureCrude Polish Accessory
Weight199 Grams
Batteries2 X AA batteries


  • Deep Cleaning Features
  • Very soft and handy facial kit
  • The brush is very soft and perfect for the facial massage
  • Best Quality material Used
  • Value for money


  • Not seen

Verdict – Highly recommend ; This is one of the best electric face massager, choosen by the Editor , as it covers all required things that a Face Massager must have.

4. GEZRIL 5 in 1 – Best Electric Massage Machine Care 



Material UsedPlastic
FeatureCrude Polish Accessory
Weight99 Grams
Batteries2 X AA batteries


  • Easy to massage and get perfect skin.
  • Easy to Remove hard cells under foot or elbow
  • It Boosts Circulation and Lymphatic Drainage.
  • Light Weight & portable
  • Value Your Money


  • Sometime on/off button not working properly

Verdict – Highly recommend; This Face massager got 4.5/5 rating on Amazon India, this is one of the best product as it comes in our top 5 Best Face Massager Machine in India List, the only problem is that some time the on/off switch got stuck.

5. TwinZone Facial Scrubs – Multifunctional Beauty Care 



Material UsedPlastic
FeatureCrude Polish Accessory
Weight170 Grams
Batteries2 X AA batteries


  • Easily do home facial
  • Effective Eye massage function
  • Build quality materials superb
  • Very strong and lightweight
  • Very Easy to use


  • average battery backup

Verdict – Highly recommend ; This is also the best one , the only things we don’t like is that the battery backup is not good.We recommend you to go with our top 3 Selection.

Face Massager Machine Buying Guide


These are some common points that everyone should remember before buying a good Face Massager for themselves.

Design & Built Quality

The design of a face massager should Ergonomic and it should provide a good grip on the handle. The massager should be made of good quality material that won’t break even if it slips from your hands. If the massager is cable operated then it should have a long cable that can easily reach your house’s plug point.

Portability & Weight

The massager should be light-weighted and it shouldn’t heart your hand even if you hold it for too long. It is considered good to buy a portable battery-powered face massager that can be used without a cable inside the bathroom. Also, light-weighted Massager is easy to manoeuvre on the skin of your face.


Waterproofing is a must to have feature because you will be using your massager with different types of liquid creams that can damage your massager if it’s not waterproof. It also allows you to use the massager without worrying about fluids spilling on it.


This is a feature offered by premium massage that is a bit on the expensive side. Massager with a timer is very useful because you can sleep and set your massager to stop at a specific time and that will help you enjoy your massage without worrying about turning it off.


Brands in any company give it’s users a sense of reliability and trust that tells us subconsciously that this product is legit. You should always buy products from good brands to ensure that you are getting what they have promised.


There are different types of face Massager for grooming multiple areas of your face.

  1. Vibration Massage
  2. Rolling Massage
  3. Microneedle skin roller
  4. Ice Roller
  5. Laser therapy
  6. Ion Exchange

1. Vibration Massage

Vibration massager range from low-cost low-frequency massages to high-cost ultrasonic frequency massages. This massage helps in increasing the blood flow on your face while making your skin smooth, reduces wrinkles, reduces puffiness under your face, and open pores. It can also be used at sensitive parts like under your eyes and have the same effects of smoothing and refreshing your skin to make it bright in appealing.

2. Rolling Massage

This type of massager considers a spinning head attached to its top that can help you in deep cleansing your pores, remove your makeup, act as a sponge for applying makeup, remove dead skin cells and exfoliate your skin. They are very useful for people that have rough skin or dried skin types.

3. Microneedle skin roller

Rollerblade is a family gradient tool to improve the breathing and absorption of skin. It helps in reducing hyperpigmentation eliminate skin inflammations and scars while reducing deep wrinkles and stretch marks in the process. They have small needles that can’t be seen by naked eyes which massages the skin by pressing on multiple spots at the same time.

4. Ice Roller

As the name suggests ice rollers are generally used with ice to instantly cool your face while refreshing it at the same time. It is mainly used after shaving or hair removal on the irritated skin to make a soft and prevent wrinkles while reducing dry skin problems. If you have burns on your skin due to excessive sun exposure then it will work best on you because of its medicinal properties of aloe vera and other ingredients.

5. Laser therapy

Laser therapy exposes you skins to lasers that exfoliate your skin and make your pores open to improve the metabolism and blood flow at skin tissues. It is generally seen that face cells will absorb more nutrients after laser therapy and become more strong and healthy. The benefits of laser therapy are that it kills attached scalp bacteria expand your veins promotes metabolism and increases cells’ re-growth.

6. Ion Exchange

The ion exchange method uses positively charged ions to cleanse your skin from impurities by cleaning blocked pores, dirt, and oily secretion from oil glands. It also helps in kills bacteria, shrinks pores, stimulates collagen to reduce the secretions from the glands. Negative ions from your skins increase flexibility and energy by also recovering the lost elasticity, overall making your skin absorb more nutrients to make it silky and shiny after the process.

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FAQ’s on Face Massager

Is facial massager machine good for skin?
Yes , facial massager machine is very Good For Your Skin as it improve blood circulation,relaxes muscles & also improve to glow your skin.
Is it good to massage face everyday?
Yes , you can use facial massager machine every day but not more then 5-10 minutes.If your skin is too sensitive then we recommend using alternate day.
Can facial massage cause wrinkles?
No , facial massage never cause any wrinkles as it help to reduce your wrinkles due to it’s blood circulating formula.

Best Facial Massager Machine Top List

1. Wazdorf 5 in 1 Face Facial Massage – Top Rated
2.Wazdorf 6 in 1 Face Facial Massage – Budget Friendly
3. Taqila Facial Kit Multifunctional Machine – Editor Choice
4. GEZRIL 5 in 1 Face Facial Exfoliator – Electric Massage Machine
5. TwinZone Facial Scrubs – Multifunctional Beauty Care


With the use of high-quality face massager, you can smoother your, skin remove toxins from it, making your skin healthy, and reduce acne and scars at the same time.

There are numerous benefits of a face massager that can help you make your confidence and mood better while relaxing new skin in the process.

Face massager comes in various shapes, sizes, and types that’s why we have made the Face massager Buying Guide to help you find your best massager for you that will make your skin more beautiful just by using it regularly and leave you with smooth and shiny skin after every use.

Remember to check out our beef benefit of face massager guide and that will give you all the reason to buy a good quality face massager for you.

I hope you all Like this article on “Best Face Massager Machine in India“, if you have any questions then please comment below or Contact us.

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