Best Treadmill for Home use in India | Review & Buying Guide

If You have a Plan to buy the Best Treadmill for Home use in India then this reviews article will definitely help you allot as we also provide the Buying Guide.

Since we know that Running is considered the best workout because it utilities every body part. Running has many benefits like it strengthens the bones of legs, increases flexibility, improves blood circulation, burns a lot of calories and helps in weight loss.

A treadmill is a simple device that lets you run or jog while staying at the same place. Treadmills can easily help you lose weight faster and more efficiently.

Modern Treadmills comes with lots of features that make them complicated to understand. This article covers the best features & top 5 Best Treadmill in India with Reviews & Buying Guide. So please go with this review article before buying any running machine for home or Gym Use.

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[Top 5] Best treadmill in India Reviews

TreadmillMax WeightPeak PowerBuy On Amazon
1. Fitkit FT200 Series - Best Seller110 KG4.5 HPView On Amazon
2.Healthgenie 3911M - Top Rated100 KG2.5 HPView On amazon
3. MAXPRO PTM405 - Best Folding Treadmill110 KG4.0 HPView On amazon
4. PowerMax Fitness TDA-230M - Cheap Treadmill90 KG2.0 HPView On amazon
5. Cockatoo CTM-04 - Premium Quality 90 KG2.0 HPView On amazon

Best Treadmill for Home use in India 2020

1. Fitkit FT200 Series – Best Seller

Fitkit FT200 Series - Best Seller

Best ForRunning & Walking
Max User Weight110 KG
Power2.25HP Continue (4.5HP Peak)
Running Area1220*420 mm
Material TypeSteel
Speed0.8-14 km/hr
Warranty1 Year Warranty on Motor and Manufacturing Defect, 3 Years Warranty on Frame


  • Speakers are louder
  • The build quality is up to the mark
  • Heart rate sensors on handle bars Work Fine
  • 12 different preset programs
  • Running Surface is very smooth
  • Easy to folding & Un-folding
  • Value for money


  • Getting metal filing noise while Running

Verdict – Highly recommend ; This is the best Seller Treadmill On Aamzon with full feature , that comes under your Budget

2. Healthgenie 3911M – Top Rated

Healthgenie 3911M - Top Rated


Best ForRunning & Walking
Max User Weight100 KG
Power1.0HP Continue (2.5HP Peak)
Running Area43×15 inch
Material TypeSteel
Speed0.8-10 km/hr
Warranty3 year warranty against frame & 1 year warranty on Motor & other parts.


  • Free Installation Assistance
  • 12 Preset programs
  •  Low space consumption
  • Easy to install & use
  •  Belt quality is good
  • Strong Inbuilt Quality
  • Good Running space with Smooth operation.


  • Not find yet.

Verdict – Highly recommend ; This is the top rated Best Treadmill for Home use in India , You may go with it if you have medium budget.

3. MAXPRO PTM405 – Best Folding Treadmill

MAXPRO PTM405 - Best Folding Treadmill


Best ForRunning & Walking
Max User Weight110 KG
Power2.0HP Continue (4.0HP Peak)
Running Area1200*400 mm
Material TypeAluminum-alloy
Speed1-12.8 km/hr
Warranty1 Year Warranty on Motor and Manufacturing Defect, 3 Years Warranty on Frame.


  • 3-Level manual inclination
  • 12 pre-set programs
  • no, any vibration while fast running
  • easy to fitting and maintenance.
  • Value for money
  • motor seems quite smooth
  • no much power consumption is seen
  • the frame is strong won’t stress while running top speed i-e 14 km/hr


  • Service is not upto the mark

Verdict – Highly recommend; Who has heavyweight because this is the strongest one and don’t vibrate at hight Speed or used by the overweight person.

4. PowerMax Fitness TDA-230M – Cheap & Best Treadmill

PowerMax Fitness TDA-230M - Cheap Treadmill


Best ForWalking
Max User Weight90 KG
Power1.5 HP Continue (2.0HP Peak)
Running Area1200*400 mm
Material TypeAluminum-alloy
Speed1-12.8 km/hr
Warranty1 Year Warranty on Motor and Manufacturing Defect, 3 Years Warranty on Frame.


  • Strong Build Quality
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to use features for anyone can use
  • The display is big & visible
  •  good customer service


  • Treadmill Start Shaking on high Speed
  • Noisey at High Speed

Verdict – Highly recommend ; for those who want Cheap & Best Treadmill for Home Use.This Treadmill Comes under your budget.

5. Cockatoo CTM-04 – Premium Quality

Cockatoo CTM-04 - Premium Quality


Best ForRunning & Walking
Max User Weight90 KG
Power1.5 HP Continue (2.0 HP Peak)
Running Area(LxB): 390 – 1100 mm
Material TypeBlend
Speed0.8-10 km/hr
Warranty3 Year Motor Warranty, 1 Year Parts Warranty & LifeTime Frame Warranty


  • excellent customer care follow up
  • easy to assemble & Use
  • Value for money
  • Lightweight Treadmill
  • aux & USB function well
  • Value your Money


  • Belt heating after 10-15 minutes walking

Verdict – Highly recommend; If you want Premium Quality Treadmill at Low Price. But not recommended if you want to run 2-3 Hours Continuously.

Best Treadmill for Home use in India Buying Guide

Before buying a treadmill you should look for the following features and compare them with others to find your best pick that suits your needs. Always do your research before buying. An average treadmill costs between 30,000 to 5 lac.

Also know the Benifit Of Treadmill

Design and build quality

Before buying a treadmill you should always look at its design and build quality. It should have a sturdy design with a strong build quality to maintain your weight while you are running on it.

Also, it should come with a powerful motor that can support the weight of up to 150 Kgs. Fold-ability is a good feature to look at a modern treadmill to save space when it is not being used.

Running Surface

The belt should be wide, flexible, and smooth but at the same time providing enough friction to run. These days Treadmill comes with long and cushion or spring surfaces belts. The average belt size in a treadmill is 1200 mm in length and 400 mm in width.

User’s Weight

The weight of the user affects the treadmill’s motor and its running surface, so a user should always choose a treadmill that supports greater weight than the user.

If someone is weighted around 80 Kg’s so he or she should pick a treadmill that supports 100 Kg’s of weight because when you run your weight on a treadmill is applied more than your normal weight.


A treadmill should have a powerful motor for spinning and caring for its user. Treadmill’s motor is considered good if it has a horsepower between 1.5 HP and 2.5 HP. The company of the treadmill should always provide at least one year warranty or guaranty.


The incline is a great feature, it pushes the forward par of the treadmill upwards but it is only founded inexpensive treadmills. This converts a regular track into an uphill track in a treadmill. Generally, Incline comes with 3 settings, each goes higher than others.


Always try to look for LED displays instead of LCDs. A display of a treadmill show components like speed, time, distance, calories burned, BMI, heart rate, etc which makes it very helpful to adjust your diet plans and exercise ideas.


Most of the Treadmills nowadays offer good quality inbuilt speakers for you to listen to music while working out. This feature is extra and you can choose to ignore it but according to us the more you get the better.


If you are buying a treadmill from an offline market always take a demo to check its speed, performance, and durability, or if you are buying it from online try to find a similar machine of the same company to check.

The most important things you can rely on are the reviews provided by genuine customers in the comment section of online eCommerce web-sights like amazon, Flipkart, etc.

(FAQ) of the Best Treadmill in India


Q.1 How much a good treadmill costs on average?

A Good running machine price varies between 30,000 to 1 lac, spending more than that is useless. Needless to say, more you spend on the treadmill the better features it will provide.

Remember to buy a treadmill from a trusted brand and look for online sales and discounts. If your budget is less look for Indian trusted brands and not don’t go for International brands.

Q.2 How much power a home treadmill should have?

(Best Treadmill for Home use in India) First, check your body weight and add twenty to it, this will give you a rough estimate of how much weight the treadmill should carry. The more powerful motor you get got your treadmill the higher its price and you don’t want to pay extra money for that.

So you should do your research but we will provide a general idea for your help.

A person with an average body of 90 kgs needs a motor of 1.5 HP to 2.5 HP (Horse Power) and a weight capacity of 120 Kgs. Here is a general idea provided below if you are more than 100 Kg’s add a 0.5 CHP per 10 Kgs.

  • Walking: 2.0 HP
  • Jogging: 2.5 HP
  • Running: 3.0 HP

Q.3 Are folding treadmills strong?

Folding treadmills are designed to be used in small spaces like in our homes. Their upper part folds to provide more space in your room. They are made from lightweight materials so anyone can move them around.

They can work perfectly fine under normal circumstances but they are not made for heavy use.

Q.4 Which display is better in a treadmill LED or LCD?

LCD stands for liquid crystal display due to its liquidity sometimes LCD burn out and replacing LCD is hard and costly but if an LED display causes trouble you could replace it very easily.

LED stands for Light-emitting diode and it is made from very small LED’s put together on a screen. It has better quality and clarity, so you should always choose an LED display instead of an LCD.

Top 5 Best Treadmill for Home Use

1. Fitkit FT200 Series – Best Seller
2.Healthgenie 3911M – Top Rated
3. MAXPRO PTM405 – Best Folding Treadmill
4. PowerMax Fitness TDA-230M – Cheap Treadmill
5. Cockatoo CTM-04 – Premium Quality


In short, a treadmill should have good build quality, sturdy and strong design, LED display, incline features, awesome track, and all the above a good motor of high speed.

The control panel should be within the user’s reach and the treadmill should not shake while running. It should also have a heavy and strong base to support all its features. You should remember to buy it within the range of thirty thousand to one lac, any more will be useless for home use.

It should be able to connect with fitness apps to measure stats. We tried to provide all the information about the Best Treadmill for Home use in India and we hope that it helped make you understand all the good and bad characteristics in a treadmill.

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