Which Battery is Best for Inverter in India [2020]

Searching for Which Battery is Best for Inverter in India, Now Your Search End here on HomeZo because We have Top 10 Best Inverter Battery Collection You really like it from Amazon Best Seller.

Before being Cover the best inverter for home as well as Office uses Let’s Know more about Inverter Battery.

We know that Without Battery Our Inverter is nothing, You can easily Understand this with Our Simple Example; Battery is Like Heart Of Inverter. Battery Work as a Storage Device where all Power Stored By it with the help Of a Powerful Inverter.

Types of battery for inverter

There are basically 3 types of Battery for Inverter that are found in India; namely

  1. Lead Acid Batteries
  2. Maintenance Free batteries
  3. Tubular Batteries

1. Lead Acid Batteries – This is the most common Inverter Battery found in India which is rechargeable by nature and Provide huge Current. You may use this battery for 4-5 Years and these are not too much heavy in Weight but required regular maintenance.

2. Maintenance Free Batteries – This is the most costly Inverter battery in the Market as the name describes, it’s completely Maintenance-Free means you no need to look after its maintenance. These are are the sealed lead acid batteries that do not require electrolyte level check and topping up.

3. Tubular Batteries – Tubular Batteries are the most popular Battery used in India for Home & Office Inverter. They have a very long life of 6-8 Years. Its Durability & design attracts you. This Battery also required low maintenance. This is also a costly battery due to its features.

Best Inverter Battery Overview

Best BatteryCapacityWeightWarrantyView Price
1.LUMINOUS RC 25000200AH60Kg36 MonthsView On Amazon
2.V-Guard VJ145135AH30Kg 25 MonthsView On Amazon
3.Exide Technologies Inva150AH67Kg36 MonthsView On Amazon
4.LUMINOUS SC18054150AH51Kg54 MonthsView On Amazon
5.Amaron AAM-TT-CR00150TT150AH60Kg48 MonthsView On Amazon
6.Luminous Zelio 1100150AH53Kg24 MonthsView On Amazon
7.V-GUARD VT165 152AH152AH52Kg36 MonthsView On Amazon
8.LUMINOUS RC 18000150 AH53Kg36 MonthsView On Amazon
9.Genus Invomax GTT56048 150 AH59 Kg48 MonthsView On Amazon
10.Luminous Cruze 2KVA150 AH52Kg18 MonthsView On Amazon

Which Battery is Best for Inverter in India Reviews – Our Top 10 Choice

1.Luminous RC 25000 200AH Tubular Battery – Top Rated

Features / Specifications
Battery TypeTubular
Backup5-6 Hours [Depends On Load]
Electrolyte Volume19.9L
Support1800 208 9898
Warranty:36 Months

Luminous RC 25000 is high-performance Tubular Batter which is the tone of the best Best Inverter Battery for Home & Office use. This Inverter gives you a nice backup of 5-6 Hours.

This Inverter Battery god Very Good Response by the user and Got 4.5 Star Rating on Amazon India By 110+ People.

Note: The Warranty doesn’t cover any Physical Damage.It cover only Technical Fault


  • Heavy Duty
  • Nice backup
  • Fast Charging
  • Value for Money
  • Superb Customer Support


  • Not Find Yet

Verdict – Highly recommend; This is the Best Inverter Battery at this Price Range with Long Backup.

2) V-Guard VJ145 135AH Flat – Best Tubular Inverter Battery


Features / Specifications
Battery TypeTubular
Backup3-4 Hours [Depends On Load]
Electrolyte Volume15 L
Warranty:25 Months

V-Guard Provide excellent Customer Service although this battery don’t required the service man for Installation but incase you failed to install then use the given manual or contact to Service Provider on 1800 208 9898.

We Recommended the Inverter Rating of 600 TO 1200 VA for this Battery. You will also get On-Site Manufacturer Warranty which is really superb.(This is the best battery for inverter 600 TO 1200 VA inverter )

Note: The Warranty doesn’t cover any Physical Damage.It cover only Technical Fault


  • Excellent Battery Quality
  • Nice backup
  • Long Life
  • Value for Money
  • Nice Service by V-Guard


  • Not Find Yet

Verdict – Highly recommend ; Long Life Batter with high Backup.Liked by most of the Users.

3) Exide Technologies Inva

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